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xavier randolph
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
i write books movies and manga and id love to collab ideas with anyone who wants to

                                                        THE BADLANDS

                        Chapter 1: prologue

Nineteen years ago we thought we were alone, we were strong and independent. We were wrong!  One day there was an eclipse not by the sun or by the moon it was an orb. The orb was slowly got closer to earth till we saw it was a ship of some sorts, but it just stood there. The orb was  bigger than the moon and was seen worldwide.  The government was baffled till about two days after its arrival it sent a message to the world. “Apologies for the prolonged greeting I am what your species calls a captain Drokal   I have transported refugees from there planet to earth in hope for cohabitation with your species?” the world was baffled but after an United Nations meeting it was decided that we would agree to house them on the conditions that they share technology if they bring any and the united states would be the testing grounds to this union.

The following months intoed as such there were three different types of aliens in that ship. The Trall a giant human ape species they were an abnormally strong species. The taboo a short species that look like elf’s with dark green skin, they might have been small but they could build or construct anything whether it be a gliding motorcycle or rebuilding a house they were proficient. Then there was the kronas they looked like humans with these little horns on their heads they were relatively normal but their smarter than us in the medical field. For a time there was peace between us and they spread around the world, and starting working with us to make a coexistence with the kinds. The Trall began helping by joining the fight to help the planet. The taboo joined the construction and auto mechanics. Then the Kronas shared their knowledge of medicine with us.

Times were good, but still some people thought they mint harm to us. They told us that there planet was destroyed by a meteorite, and they shared the little weaponry they had. The thing that really struck a chord was the creatures they took from the planet. They all were somehow adapted to kill humans. Some of the more narrow minded individuals thought that they brought them here to exterminate us and take over the planet. The aliens kept the creature in special areas known as ‘’ Badlands” for safe keeping, so to keep them away from the people, and them because the creatures ate them also. Ignorance won that battle, and the war began between resistance Humanity and the more corruptible aliens.  The ambassador captain Ralk realized that a war would spell disaster for their peace, but his right hand man Kane thought differently. He decided that wiping out the naysayers would end the war and give the United Nations a reason to respect them.

   The war ensued and the hell that we see today started. Ambassador Ralk saw the disaster early on so he set up save zones and arks. Save zones were areas in the war zone that civilians could call home and be save from the war. They were surrounded by the wall that would keep out the danger, and the arks are islands or small country’s too small to be dragged into the fray. A few months in the fight went into a new level. The resistance broke the gates of the creatures in an attempt to take over the territory.  The battle field became a more dangerous place for the resistance and the aliens. This is where my story began and my life became more interesting.

by : xavier randolph

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